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Hello wonderful page viewer!!! *w* This is my fashion blog dedicated to:

-gyaru fashion

-lolita fashion

-kei fashion such as fairy kei, cult party kei, visual kei, etc.

-pastel goth\punk

-goth and nu-goth

-rave fashion

- lots of other alternative and unique fashions

-Human Rights Petitions

**I do not follow blogs that are NSFW, violent, or depressing!!!***

***I do not claim ownership of any of the pictures found on this blog except for when stated***

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Its plain disgusting, wrong and sad that this inhuman practice is still going on in any part of the world…

Sign this petition to help stop the forced marriage of 9 year old girls to grown men!!!

The only slut is him!!! He’s going to burn in Hell…How did he even become a judge? Get everyone you know to sign this petition!


Amihamu when she worked at Fernopaa


I am SO in on this show. The first episode was so fantastic.


really wish I did my nails ; ___ ; regardless, the sun was fabulous yesterday!!! Perfect lighting, is perfect :D


Something wicked this way comes~


wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

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